Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

7/10/09-Friday, a visit with Aunt Joan and the new puppy

Started off the day with Mommy and Daddy going to the park. Check out my new boxer shorts.

Tonight we went in Manhattan and had diner with Aunt Joan

Joan and Mary got a new puppy named Lilly, I hope she doesn't eat me.

Speaking of eating, we went out for diner at one of Uncle Seth and Victoria's favorite spots:


I dunno, this picture makes Dadda think I kind of look like shmoo..

I'm not into his post-modern avant garde characters...Besides I have some work to do with cuppies...

Time for nigh nigh,
there is no way I'm going to bed...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Got this cool Mat, and look what it spells,

I'm EVZ, Jacob, Qxghd? English is a weird language. I'll stick to baby right now, thank you.

Hey this doesn't spell Rat,

Ok, Rat. Time to do battle.

Max battles a Rat from Michael Green on Vimeo.


Back in the office.

7/6/09-Back at the Ranch

Daddy was working on a commercial,

You should put me in the commercial. I'm way cooler then that dumb truck,

We were just chillin out at home:

Come on Jacob, Let's make a break for it...

Don't give in to them telling us what to do, like naps...bleachkkkk..


Saturday, August 22, 2009

7/5/09-We had a BBQ in Prospect Park

Well we finally got a chance to get everyone together for a BBQ in the park. All of Momma and Dadda friends who've had kids recently.

Uncle Dan was there.

Of course Papa,

Hey Brandon, lets toss this.

Oh, you toss this?

Brenda and Jacob arrive,

I think Eric and Jacob have the right idea:

Saade showed up with his new baby, Leela

Aunt Jesse was there and I was styling her.

Gus, Samara and Arlo arrive for Baby Fight Club.

7/4/09-July 4th.

Today is my first independence day.
We took a family trip to the Park Slope Farmer's market to get fresh veggies. Wait, are you gonna make me eat that stuff?

Yeah Mommy, Getting juice from the Juice Pirates:

That night we went on the roof with the Grass's and I saw my first fireworks.