Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I think Jacob is trying to say something...

Jacob in the bouncy chair from Michael Green on Vimeo.

For those who don't speak infant...that means...enough already, lets go outside.

So we packed it up and Prisca took us to the park.

For those that speak dog...the neighbors dog is trying to say something.

Untitled from Michael Green on Vimeo.

I think it means...I love you guys and you look cute in your summer hats.

I have something to say to the neighbors dog. TAKE A RIDDLIN.

4/27/09-Monday, back to it.

Ah routines. Wake Up, Play with Mommy and Daddy, Eat, Nap, play with Jacob and Prisca, eat, nap, go outside, eat, nap, eat...poop.

Today I got this big package from Auntie Melissa and my cousins Ethan and Benjamin.

Maxwell gets a gift from Melissa, Benjamin and Ethan from Michael Green on Vimeo.

This is Kicks the Monkey.

He got the name because I was so excited, I kicked Daddy in the mouth. Accident of course.

Thanks Melissa, Benjamin and Ethan for the monkey and all the great clothes from Gymboree.com

4/26/09-Sunday, Upstate

So the next day we went to Lake Minnewaska State Park.

We didn't hike to much, mostly around the parking lot.

Daddy had me in the Ergo again...these things get sweaty.

But the lake was pretty cool.

We didn't want to go back so we went over to Tivoli to visit Aunt Joan and Aunt Mary.

Ahhh, relaxing weekend, and it's not even officially summer yet. I'm pooped.

4/25/09-Part 2

So we were up in New Paltz this weekend. Staying at the Clove Cottages in High Falls, NY.

I'm happy to be out of Brooklyn.

What's that?

a hairy horse? Mommy says it's a Lama and that they spit.
That's ok, I drool.

This was our Cabin.

Daddy made Diner for Mommy's Birthday.

Marinated Salmon with raw Jicama and Green Beans.

and he got this yummy Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Cake from the Lady Bird Bakery

I heard the evening was a success.
I dunno, I passed out early...must be all this fresh air.

Monday, April 27, 2009

4/25/09-Upstate Getaway-Part 1

Daddy surprised Mommy and took her out of Brooklyn for her Birthday.

He booked this nice cottage in High Falls New York, just outside of New Paltz.
The place was called clove cottages. A good deal. Small cabins with private kitchens.

I got my own sleeping bag, sort of. That's what you do when you go camping? Right?

I started off the day with some blogging?

and hanging out on a new bed...

Daddy said there was more to this great outdoors then to just blog about it.

You mean on Facebook?

First stop was we had to protect me from the sun, so I got my first sun hat.

We got one with lobsters on it in honor of Grandpa Bob up in Maine.
We went out into this Great Outdoors. It was hot. I discovered this new thing called sweat. Its like when Mommy and Daddy used to put 25 layers on me just to go outside. Now I don't even have to wear socks.

Daddy wanted to hug some trees. I don't get it. Trees aren't soft like Mommy.

Neither are rocks. But Mommy and Daddy said since were were in New Paltz at the Gunks we had to climb some rocks.

This isn't as much fun as blogging Daddy. and I'm getting sweaty in this Ergo.
Let me put some of these rocks in my mouth...

Look at me. I'm bouldering.

See, I'd rather climb on Mommy.

You adults do some weird stuff.

Why do they call this place the Gunks? That sounds more like a description of what ends up in my diaper.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Me through the months.

WOW, I'm growing.

Here is me after 5 months.

(click the picture to zoom in)

Friday, April 24, 2009


The weather is finally so nice!!
Me and Jacob love this weather. Gettin into the 70's.

Let's get outside already.

Yeah, what he said...

Thanks Prisca, that's better.

4/23/09-Thursday, Mommy's Birthday

Today was Mommy's Birthday. I hear your not supposed to ask someone how old they are so I'm just gonna sleep here on my Tummy and be quiet.

Mommy and Daddy had a night out of Sushi. Raw Fish? What?
You eat this stuff?

They went to Kanoyama 175 2nd Ave.
Robert, Jen, Dan Katz and Cousin Jessica were there too. What about me?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Started my day trying to figure out what to wear. Here's me in a cute vest I got from Andy and Paul Epstein.

Look how ecco I look in my REI vest. See I'm trying to look good cause, Slyvie is coming over with her Mom and Dad, Jodi and Dave.
My Mommy and Daddy are making brunch...Do I look chubby in this? What if she laughs at me...I mean, I haven't even learned to sit up on my own yet. I'm nervous.

Mommy's making a frittata.

After brunch we took a walk in Prospect Park.
Jodi, Dave and Sylvie.
She's a Scorpio, like me.
The Daddy's

The Mommy's.

oh no, we're really close...hows my breathe?

Sylvie's pretty cool,
for a baby.

4/18/09-Part 2

After my photo shoot, it was time for a walk in Prospect Park.

and got to see Grandma Judy.

Oh, look at that Punim.

Grandma, don't embarrass me.

We were trying the restaurants in Park Slope so we went to Barrio.
Daddy has a theory about food like Mexican and Pizza...it should be cheap and big portions. Barrio had neither. Ah, another place to eat in Park Slope Mommy and Daddy won't be going back to.

Hey, this blog is supposed to be about me.
Nice hat Daddy.

Hey, how come you guys are always eating things other than Mommy's Milk?