Monday, April 20, 2009

4/18/09-Professional Photo shoot-Part 1

Saturday, we had a professional photo shoot. We stepped it up a notch and got a real photographer with an even bigger camera.

I still tried to eat it.

eww...look at me I'm all naked and chubby. ( you have to post everything)

The photographer is Nicholas Roberts with a really amazing eye for journalism and news. Check out his website.
He is starting to get into the baby niche and he did a fantastic job with me. He got me to be all comfortable in front of the camera and was smart to put a lens shade on cause DAMMIT, I WANT TO EAT THAT CAMERA THINGY!!

Wait, which camera should I be looking in? Oh, the paparazzi...Does my publicist know about all this?

Look at us, we're artsy fartsy...

Mommy, don't embarrass me. These showbiz kids parents and their smothering.

Ok, Daddy, lets see if we got this straight...I want Pellegreno thumb flavored water in my trailer at all times...personal baby masseuse three times a day. Oh yeah and I want my residuals in gold...the dollar is just to weak right now.

How's that Cheerios deal coming?
Whew, a hard day on the set...I need my power nap.

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