Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8/10/09-Getting in touch with Nature (outlets) at Freeport.

Not sure about these Maine Blueberrys

So I think Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa were supposed to go to Freeport where they have all these outlets and buy me more stuff.

But then they said something about getting back to nature...so, suddenly were back in the woods.

Wait a sec, Grandpa's on his cell phone?!?!?


I'm really digging this cold Maine water.

They finally did making to the important stuff, like the L.L.Bean store.
Hey, what's that person doing to that dummy?

Come on guys. That's not a five island's lobster roll.


Its our Reservoir dogs, family walking shot.

8/8/09-Five Islands chow down.

Now that's a view you can wake up to every morning,

Ah, our ol pal Lopi at the Packard House B&B.

That makes me happy.

First super baby had to make an appearence at the Farmer's Market. We ran into Amy, her Mom, Ben and Joy, and some strange kid who was hanging out down there.

We had our big family chow down at the five islands lobster company.

8/7/09-back to the beach

This time we went to a sunnier beach at:

Popham beach

Now the whole Grobis family is together for the weekend.

Playing with Aunt Tova



Homemade burgers...mmmmmm.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8/6/09-Family arrives

Today the family arrives:

Uncle Seth

8/5/09-Hanging out with Amy

Today we're hanging out with Samantha's peace core friend Amy and her two kids, Ben and Joy.

We got to go on Amy's Dad's boat. Thanks Al.

8/4/09-Up in Maine

Daddy went for a bike ride.

Then we headed into the town of Bath to the new toy store. I keep hearing about lobster but somehow I ended up with a crab.

Then we headed out for our first beach day, kind of foggy.
Reed State Park

Family shot

Hanging with Mommy

Monday, September 14, 2009

8/1/09-Our big vacation

We are off on our big vacation to the exotic country of Maine.
But first we stop off at Grandpa Bob's apartment in Boston.

A little shopping.

Mommy, What the hell is that thing?

Grandpa Bob was doing his impression of a "Howler" monkey, which they ran into on their vacation in Costa Rica.


Grandpa's funny.


I went to my first Reggae concert in Prospect Park, Burning Spear. Saw Mommy's friends Karina and Hannah.

Hey, whats all this funny smelling smoke in the air?


Daddy got another stroller...You really going to take up jogging?

7/25/09-Camping at Jackie's Cabin

Aunt Jackie was in town for the weekend so Mommy and Daddy took me to this place in the woods.

Wait, let me get this straight, it's near where we went with Brenda and Eric but there is no electricity or running water? Who's idea was this again?

We're camping right? so I wore my flannels.

Thats Christoff enjoying a beer.