Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7/18/09-Our big weekend away

So Brenda, Eric and Jacob along with Mommy,Daddy and me rented this house upstate.

ah, fresh air. Relaxing.

So nice to get away from the loud city, wait what the hell is this?

Just happened to be the weekend of some guy named Bell's private party...their goes the neighborhood.

Oh well, Jacob and I have some work to do with cups...

Ah soothing green cup #11...gmgmmgmmmmmmmm

Damn you bellstock, ah soothing silvery bottle of joy...


Not now Mommy, I must eat this bottle. Hey check out my hair metal 80's stripped rocker pants.

Ahhh, No wait it's you Red cup I am after...

No wait it's blue cup...

Ha, Bellstock, you will never compare to the pleasure of this silvery bottle.


I'm moving on to blocks now.

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