Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Woke up Sunday Morning to say goodbye to Grandpa Bob and Judy.

We had a fun weekend...visiting art shows, eating Italian food. Ah the good life.

I got all dressed up.
We went to Lydia's Baptism.

Wow, my first time in a church.
Lydia is my Mommy's Brother's Wife's Brother's that?

Look at the view...These Baptisms are really fun.

There's Lydia.

Wait, I'm supposed to be the cutest baby around...

That's my Auntie Victoria

She's my Mother's Brother's---oh never mind.

Then we headed over to Williamsburg for the Renegade Craft Fair.

Local artists get to show off their stuff. Lots of handbags, prints and silk screened onsies for me!

I was so excited for this...

Hey, I had a hard day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/6/09-Judy and Bob

Judy and Gramdpa Bob came to visit.
Uncle Bruce was having an art show in Brooklyn...mmmmm art.

Super Baby had to make an appearance.

This Gallery has cool Robot art

There's Uncle Bruce

6/5/09-Hanging out with Uncle Dan

Yeah, loungin.

Let's play tug-o-war!

6/4/09-MMMM sweet potato

Untitled from Michael Green on Vimeo.

6/3/09-Wednesday-More Solid Food

mmmmmmm....Mad Face.

Eating is serious business.'s a smile

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Mommy went to a Mommy's group party.

Then we meet up with Aunt Melissa and the boys for a nice game of wiffle ball in Prospect Park.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5/30/09-Some big firsts-Coney Island

Well today there were some big firsts.

My first Avocado. This is the second solid food I've eaten.
Ok I'm ready...

Come on Mommy, make that airplane sound...



Super baby needs to keep up his strength with these new foods cause sometimes he's going to have to fight dudes like this...

Yeah, that's Ethan buying a Mexican wrestling mask on the street. He says he's going to wear it for Halloween. He'd better.

So the next big first was my first trip to Coney Island.

I dressed like super baby and we took the Subway.

Ah, sweet and innocent,

ah, not so innocent,

Are we there yet???

We arrive...

I don't think I'm ready for Hot dog's yet.

This guy, Joey Chestnut ate 59 last year...impressive

Everyone says this place is doing well...uh...but there seems to be a lot of empty lots and for sale signs?

Luckily they have security watching this empty lot...

I heard Coney Island was this great place with a deep rooted NY history with rides and entertainment. This looks a lot like the same junk they sell at street fairs.

This is Ruby's Bar. My Mommy and Daddy have had a lot of good times at this place. I hope they don't tear it down and build a Bubba Gump Restaurant.

Benjamin and Daddy went for a ride on the cyclone.

Then we took a walk on the Boardwalk.

I discovered something new to eat...

5/29/09-Meeting the Cousins.

This is me meeting my Cousins for the first time.

That's Benjamin on the left, my Aunt Melissa, (Daddy's sister), and Ethan.

After the long introductions, we went out for pizza at two boots pizza.

Its a fun place where bands like the The Xylopholks play:

Now that's cool.

Here's ethan waiting for his pizza.

He's funny.

Auntie Melissa likes to take lots of pictures too.

Cool drawing Ethan.

Ah brotherly love.