Monday, April 27, 2009

4/25/09-Upstate Getaway-Part 1

Daddy surprised Mommy and took her out of Brooklyn for her Birthday.

He booked this nice cottage in High Falls New York, just outside of New Paltz.
The place was called clove cottages. A good deal. Small cabins with private kitchens.

I got my own sleeping bag, sort of. That's what you do when you go camping? Right?

I started off the day with some blogging?

and hanging out on a new bed...

Daddy said there was more to this great outdoors then to just blog about it.

You mean on Facebook?

First stop was we had to protect me from the sun, so I got my first sun hat.

We got one with lobsters on it in honor of Grandpa Bob up in Maine.
We went out into this Great Outdoors. It was hot. I discovered this new thing called sweat. Its like when Mommy and Daddy used to put 25 layers on me just to go outside. Now I don't even have to wear socks.

Daddy wanted to hug some trees. I don't get it. Trees aren't soft like Mommy.

Neither are rocks. But Mommy and Daddy said since were were in New Paltz at the Gunks we had to climb some rocks.

This isn't as much fun as blogging Daddy. and I'm getting sweaty in this Ergo.
Let me put some of these rocks in my mouth...

Look at me. I'm bouldering.

See, I'd rather climb on Mommy.

You adults do some weird stuff.

Why do they call this place the Gunks? That sounds more like a description of what ends up in my diaper.

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