Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passover at Aunt Pammy

So I had my first passover at Aunt Pammy's. I got to meet all my Jewish friends, watch them eat Matzoh and hear stories...well not really. I slept. But, hey it was past my bedtime of 8:00pm

I hear Aunt Brenda told this crazy story about some dude named Moses and these weirdo plauges. She skipped the formal Hagadah story and sort of improved it. Something about Moses having a lisp because he ate hot coals. What? These stories are freaky.

I thought Moses was supposed to be all tough like this dude:

This looks like a Jew that kicks ass.

Oh well, someday soon I'll be up for Passover and find the afikoman and meet Elijah , right? I hope he doesn't have a lisp.

Instead of doing my baby Moses in a basket impression.

more pictures of the night here.

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