Friday, April 3, 2009

3/29/09-Sunday, Seeing new friends

I started off the day with my new portable office. What the hell is this crazy contraption? Wow, so many gizmos to put in my mouth.

Thanks to Matt and Lisa for giving me this thing...whatever it is.

Then I got to see Hannah and Trish who came over for Brunch.

Brunch, what the hell is that? I get like 12 meals a day.

Then I got in some quality time with Momma.

Hugs all around. Oh yeah, Daddy was there...taking usual.

Then we headed off to a party with a bunch of the Moms and Dads from Mommy's mommy group. This was a chance for the husbands to meet and see the other babies.

Here is me hanging out with some of my new friends...

Here are some photos from some other parents...
Sarah Craft sent these...she's the Mom of Theo, the baby to my right...who keeps sticking his hands in my face...doesn't he know, I'm going to eat them.

The host of the party, Maura Sullivan, is an amazing photographer, Here is a few she took...

More of her flickr set from the party can be found here.

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