Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Started my day trying to figure out what to wear. Here's me in a cute vest I got from Andy and Paul Epstein.

Look how ecco I look in my REI vest. See I'm trying to look good cause, Slyvie is coming over with her Mom and Dad, Jodi and Dave.
My Mommy and Daddy are making brunch...Do I look chubby in this? What if she laughs at me...I mean, I haven't even learned to sit up on my own yet. I'm nervous.

Mommy's making a frittata.

After brunch we took a walk in Prospect Park.
Jodi, Dave and Sylvie.
She's a Scorpio, like me.
The Daddy's

The Mommy's.

oh no, we're really close...hows my breathe?

Sylvie's pretty cool,
for a baby.

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