Sunday, March 22, 2009

3/21/09-Saturday, Bronx Zoo

Today I had on my cool dude button down from Grandma Judy (Lobis)

I'm the royal dudearino.
That's me with Mommy.

Please, no more pictures...I need my beauty sleep (nap)

We went to the Bronx zoo with cousins Brett and Jessica.

I was very active for this trip and excited to see more of the animals, other then the ones we brought with us.

We got to see Tigers...(my Daddy's favorites)

and Polar Bears

and Gorillas (Mommy's favorites)

The Grobis family:

While in the Bronx we went to Arthur Ave and had great Italian food at Enzo's 2339, Arthur Ave. (just so we have record) I wanna go back when I'm on solids...mmmmmmmm.

I love Cousin Jessica's Dinosaur Songs. Mommy, what's a Dinosaur?

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