Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, looking for strollers for two.

Today we went looking for a double stroller for me (Maxwell) and my buddy Jacob.

We're sharing a nanny with this other amazing couple: Eric and Brenda. I feel lucky to be in such good company.

Here's Jacob in his Ergo.
Ah, the Nanny Share...we're soo PARK SLOPE.

Mom and Dad took me to this huge place that has all this stuff I'm sure that I need. Its called spend spend baby or something like that.
This guy Hugo works there and he was really helpful in working with us to pick out a stroller. He helped us before settle on the Baby Jogger city mini so we thought we'd try out the double version.

As you can see by my expression...I think this is going to work out just great.

Bye Bye Buy Buy Baby!

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