Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday 3/16/09, Road Trip to Philadelphia

Monday started out great. I got a new hat from Susan Haskell and was hanging out with my Grandpa, Bob.

Then we headed to Philadelphia to take care of some family things.
We got a hearty breakfast in Williamsburg Brooklyn at Urban Rustic.
I was in my favorite transport, the infant car seat.

On the road we stopped at the Thomas Edison rest stop so I could chow down. Daddy took a picture of this Hummer in the handicap spot. He hates these gas guzzling polluters. I mean if your handicap isn't it hard enough to even get into one of these monstrosities?

Here's me in the car seat, with my favorite activity. Thumb sucking...I call this more like thumb chewing.

Here's me talkin in the car:

Baby Maxwell in the Carseat 3/16/09 from Michael Green on Vimeo.
Then I got to hang out with my Grandma Judy Lobis. There are two Grandma Judys. My Mommy and my Daddy's mother are both named Judy.

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