Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5/10/09-Mommy's first Mother's Day.

This is a bit out of order...
Sunday was Mommy's day.
I dressed the part. (well Daddy dressed me, I have no idea what he puts on me)

I got this great book from my Uncle Seth and Aunt Victoria from California. I think the books from the West Coast taste better. Must be that Nappa Valley climate.

It's Mother's Day...Hi Mommy!

Me and My Mommy and my Mommy's Mommy (Grandma Judy Lobis) went out for Brunch.
We all got Frittata's at Bar Toto.

Get down Grandma Judy...

The Mommas!

We were hanging out in Dumbo.

A nice day for the Mother's...

Oh yeah, Daddy was there too.

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