Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first Red Hook experience.

Today we had my first Red Hook experience.

We started off with Brunch at this place the Pit Stop.

They have this game Pentanque which I heard was a french word for "putting shiny objects in your mouth." Right?

I dunno, I was sleeping.

Meanwhile, Daddy had "French" Toast...ew la la.

Mommy had a cheeseburger. Oh look, "French" fries.

what's that? A "French" salad?

So cliche you guys...Your gonna be putting that all in a blender soon for me, right?

Oh look, I'm up...Wait a sec. wasn't this supposed to be my first Coney Island guys didn't make it very far.

Red Hook, is known for this thing called Art

so we checked out the BWAC, spring show

Daddy made his own art...

Mommy and Daddy celebrating my 6 month bday:

ah, can we take these hats off please...we're in public. hello?

We saw this cool kinetic sculpture by George Rhoades at the Waterfront Museum.

George Rhoades Musical Kinetic Sculpture Project from Michael Green on Vimeo.


Well instead of Coney Island we all ended up at Fairway...Mommy is in heaven...

The Wall of Red Mills products...mmmmmm.

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